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We first met 23 years ago when our sons attended preschool together. Their instant friendship paved the way for our own, evolving into a strong bond between us moms. Shared passions for family, horses, the outdoors, and seeking out a good bargain have solidified both our friendship and our successful business relationship.

Bold Venture: Friends Embark on Estate Sale Startup Journey

Thirteen years ago, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a light bulb moment struck us like a bolt from the blue: "Why not start an estate sale business?"  From that very moment, we dove headfirst into the world of estate sales, armed with nothing but ambition and a heap of determination.

Fast forward over a decade, we've expanded into the world of online auctions and consignment, introducing new challenges and excitement to our ongoing adventure, and we're still going strong!

Our mission? To present each and every sale in the best possible light. A friendly attitude and a smile, along with a clean and organized environment, create happy shoppers, a successful sale, and a satisfied client.

Who knew that a simple idea could turn into such a rewarding adventure? Cheers to thirteen years of chasing dreams and turning treasures into memories!

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