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We met over 20 years ago when our sons were in preschool together. The young boys quickly became good buddies and naturally us moms became friends too.  Our love for our families, horses, the outdoors and finding a good bargain are just a few things we have in common that keep our friendship and business relationship strong.

Two friends, each a native Oregonian, launch small business on a shoe string budget..

Over ten years ago we were approached by a local realtor who says "Have you ladies ever considered hosting estate sales? I think you'd be great at it!" 

And so it began... diligently organizing and pricing each and every item for sale, hand drawing and designing our directional and informational signs late into the night.  Nervously, on a cold and rainy morning, we opened our very first sale to a welcomed line up of eager customers.

With each passing sale, we have learned something new we can take with us and apply next time.


Our goal is to present each and every sale in the nicest way possible. A happy attitude and a smile, a clean and organized environment create happy shoppers, a successful sale and a satisfied client.